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Top Questions on MODISclub's All-in-One Account Setup & Functions

More FAQ on General SMS Marketing & Messaging
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(A) What do I do after signing up a MODISclub online account?
  • Login and change your password to your own.
  • Setup a dedicated SMS Number that suits your business needs and works under the phone carriers' mobile traffic regulations:
    1. Local SMS Number: For sending Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code phone numbers. Messages are subject to filtering and volume limitations. New Requirements for A2P 10DLC Registrations will be added soon by the carriers.

      Toll-Free Number: Toll-Free Numbers are designated for business messaging use by all major carriers in the United States and Canada, a good alternative to the more costly Short Code. Toll-Free Verification is currently required in the US and Canada for best delivery - to avoid traffic being blocked (Canada) or traffic subject to increased filtering and daily limits on sending (US). We can help you with the application process that will allow you to start sending/receiving texts from your Toll-Free Number within 1-2 days.

      Shortcode: Short Code numbers are a popular choice for high-volume A2P messaging. Short Codes can send SMS at 100 MPS (message segments per second) by default, and this high throughput is perfect for applications needing to send time-sensitive messages to many users at once. Since carriers vet and approve all Short Codes for their intended use, there's an application process with a higher setup fee compared to the other options, and leases are in 3-month or 1-year increments.

      For Toll-Free Number, Short Code, or assistance with the setup, please email/text us.
  • To select your own SMS Number, go to GENERAL > MY SMS NUMBER > Click ADD NUMBER button and enter the desired 3 digit area code into the search box and click SEARCH AREA CODE. You'll require a credit card to start leasing your SMS Number online.
  • Setup automated response message for the SMS Number.
  • Setup email forwarding for all incoming messages sent to the SMS Number, if necessary. This feature can be set to OFF if not needed.
  • Upload your Contact Lists.
  • Create new Campaigns for sending messages to your opt-in mobile subscribers or manually uploaded Contact Lists.
  • Setup Keywords and their automated message responses for your Campaigns.
  • Add SMS Credits in order to start sending/receiving text messages.
  • Add Keyword Credits in order to setup additional Keywords.
  • Start sending test messages to yourself and/or your team from a Campaign once your SMS Number is active.
(B) How to upload mobile contacts? Login to your MODISclub 2.0 account and from the Main Menu,
  1. Go to GENERAL > CONTACT LISTS, click CREATE CONTACT LIST button. Give the list a name and click the CREATE button.
  2. Once the new Contact List is added to the table, click the light blue "Details" icon on the right, then the IMPORT CSV button.
  3. Download the Sample CSV template file that already has the first row titles. Leave the titles in the first row and from row 2 insert your 10 digit phone numbers all in the 1st column without symbols, spaces and empty cells.
  4. If you don’t have data for the 2nd and 3rd columns, leave the titles and column below blank. Save your Excel file as a .csv format.
  5. Click the CHOOSE FILE button and find your saved .csv file to upload into your Contact List.
(C) How to send group SMS to my mobile contacts?
  • To send SMS to your uploaded or opt-in Contacts, create a new Campaign. From the MAIN MENU, go to CAMPAIGNS, click the CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button and give it a name for your own easy reference later (internal). You have the option to setup a Keyword (between 3 and 10 characters) for the Campaign to:
    1. automate response messages (eg. Text-for-Info),
    2. track your campaigns (eg. Print media response, website response, social media response), and/or
    3. target your audiences (eg. VIP, STAFF, VOLUNTEERS, etc.).
    Best practise for your first out-going text to a new contact list is to prompt your contacts to include the specified Keyword in their reply as the opt-in process. The Keyword's auto-reply message you've setup will be automatically sent back to the sender as a confirmation. This flow can also be applied to Text-to-Win, Text-to-Vote, Text-to-Donate, scenarios.
  • Compose your text message under the CAMPAIGN tab.
  • Under the MEMBER LIST tab, import your uploaded Contact Lists into the Campaign. You may Send to All or Send to Selected contacts.
  • You may check your Sent Status under the LOGS tab.
(D) How to generate new mobile contacts? Setup custom SMS Keywords within Campaigns where mobile users can conveniently text them to your SMS Number to opt-in/out of your mobile MEMBER LIST or participate in your campaigns. With Keywords, you can also setup custom automated responses to provide subscribers confirmation or more information. You can also use various types of SMS services to generate more interest in your marketing campaigns (eg. Text-to-Vote, Text-to-Win, Text-for-clues, etc.).
(E) How to setup an SMS Keyword? To setup an SMS Keyword, from the MAIN MENU, go to CAMPAIGNS and click the Campaign you'd like to assign to the Keyword. Create a new Campaign, if you haven't. Under the KEYWORD tab. Search and assign the desired Keyword (between 3 to 10 characters and unique/branded/targeted). Once the Keyword is assigned, you'll be able to insert the Auto-Reply Messages for it. Edit the messages as frequently as needed. More info on what to include in the Auto-Replies, search "What message should I include in my Keyword auto-replies?".
(F) What is an SMS Keyword Auto-Reply and what message should I include?
  • An SMS Keyword Auto-Reply is a customizable message you can setup to automatically send out to those who sent that SMS Keyword in a text message to your target campaign.
  • Important content to include are:
    • Your company or product name.
    • Confirmation and call-to-action.
    • Web link for richer content (use actual website link, not mysterious shorten links to avoid getting blocked by the carriers).
    • Expiry or limit 1 vote/entry.
    • To OptOut reply KEYWORD STOP.
  • There are 3 levels of auto-replies:
    1. First Opt-In Auto-Reply: The reply the sender would receive after texting the prompted SMS Keyword to your SMS number for the first time.
    2. Subsequent Auto-Replies: The replies the sender would receive after texting the prompted SMS Keyword to your SMS number again after the first time.
    3. Opt-Out Auto Reply: The reply the sender would receive after texting the SMS KEYWORD and STOP to opt-out.
(G) What is the general No-Keyword Auto-Reply and what message should I include?
  • The general No-Keyword Auto-Reply is a customizable message you can setup to automatically send out to those who have sent a text message without your specified SMS Keyword (eg. comments, questions, feedback, mis-spelled Keyword).
  • A sample No-Keyword Auto-Reply message to include is "COMPANY NAME: If you've submitted a comment, someone will respond shortly. If you've texted a prompted Keyword, please check its spelling and text again. More info visit website.com. Thx!
  • To setup the No-Keyword Auto-Reply, go to GENERAL > MY SMS NUMBER, click your SMS number link, compose your message in the SMS box provided and remember to click the UPDATE button.
(H) What happens when I run out of SMS credits and how do I purchase more? When your SMS credits reach 10 SMS, a notification will be sent to your username email. To top up your SMS credits, from the MAIN MENU go to BILLING > ADD SMS CREDITS, select the desired package and complete the credit card payment transaction. For convenience, you may choose to save the card information in your secured account for future top ups. If no action is taken and the SMS credits run below 0, no auto-reply messages or new text messages can be sent out until the credits are replenished. You can also setup the AUTO CHARGE feature under BILLING too.
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