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Mobile Text Surveys at Conventions

Doing mobile surveys effective is as much an art as a science. Tangerine leverages MODISclub's mobile technology by turning a process that used to take days or weeks into a few hours.

Challenge: Making Mobile Survey Smart

Survey and polling can be time consuming for any organization, but the data provided is often invaluable. So companies put up with the laborious manual processes involved with large banks of telephone callers or printed survey sheets, not to mention the low response rate of those survey methods. Livewire, a communications company working with Tangerine on their national corporate convention saw the inefficiencies and decided to recommend the MODISclub SMS mobile survey solution.

Solution: Toll-Free Code Text Surveys

Having worked with MODISclub on different mobile projects before, Livewire knew that our core system would be easy and fast to setup, run, and expand if they were to use it to develop the mobile survey. The SMS Survey campaign took only a few hours to develop and enabled Tangerine to customize the multiple-choice questionnaire on demand through MODISclub's FREE online control panel.

At the national convention, attendees easily submitted their general feedback and comments by texting the message to a specified Toll-Free number (SMS Toll-Free code) displayed on projected screens and banners. A customizable confirmation message was sent out automatically within seconds of receipt with links, information, and updates about the convention.

More targeted surveys were also conducted throughout the convention in which various pre-saved questionnaire were sent to those who initialize the survey by texting specified Keywords to the same SMS Toll-Free code.

Results: Short Term Flexibility with Long Term Gain

By relying on MODISclub's flexible infrastructure, Livewire was able to help Tangerine setup their surveys without any heavy time and financial investments on hardware, software or apps, especially when the convention only happens once annually.

MODISclub's month-to-month Toll-Free code lease provided Tangerine the short term mobile connectivity they needed, and effectively collected useful data and feedback for long-term improvements on their products and services.

Tangerine also saw a 20-25% increase in their surveys' response rate.

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