Safety & Emergency SMS Alerting System
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Safety & Emergency SMS Alerting System

Home to 126,199 residents in southwestern Ontario, Lambton County offers many recreational activities, festivals and events to its residents, and visitors year round. Lambton County is a community that supports all people to strive for safety, health, and well-being. Lambton Public Health works with the community to: assess, promote and protect health, prevent disease and injury, and advocate for healthy public policy. To effectively promote their mission, the county was looking for the latest in communications that can quickly and directly alert the public, without the noise.

Challenge: Managing Communications Infrastructure is Costly and Time Consuming

Most alerting systems are complex and capital-intensive enterprise projects; hence, most systems would not aggregate incidents from multiple IT monitoring systems. Lambton County was seeking a more cost effective investment where thousands of dollars would not be required to implement the public safety program.

Solution: Cloud-Based Service

A rock-solid telecommunications service was crucial in delivering alerts to all types of mobile devices. Using MODISclub's cloud-based online SMS platform and international long code connectivities, Lambton County was assured that they would have the widest and most dependable cell coverage to quickly push out custom alerts to visitors as well as residences in the area.

In terms of scalability, MODISclub's web-based system would also provide Country Lambton the ability to edit and upload CSV files of user phone numbers from time to time, or more conveniently, users could text a specified keyword (eg. BEACH) from their phone to be directly added to or removed from the mobile alert list.

During emergencies or when necessary, the county's appointed administrator would login to the online platform from any remote terminal, compose the relevant message and send to the selected groups. Additionally, an SMS bulletin board can also be setup that will allow the county to post health and safety updates on demand. Users can simply text the targeted Keywords (eg. SMOKE) to receive the latest news and alerts.

Results: System Was Put to the Test

County Lambton has seen increasing number of users benefiting from the SMS public health program they have setup since 2017. Lambton County beach-goers have been able to get more accurate and timely water quality notifications, as well as a smoke-free environment, thanks to the Text-for-Info and Text-to-Report solutions. The setup process was simple and quick for the county - all within a few days - and they can now easily monitor and manage the programs through their MODISclub online account.

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